About Us

Ever wondered what it would feel like to suddenly step into space, looking over a vibrant new galaxy full of mystery or to feel the cool air as you get lost in awe gazing over a majestic landscape stretching to the very curves of the horizon at the summit?

As young kids we would spend hours daydreaming of adventures far beyond the confines of our homes and school books. How great it would be to return to the beauty and excitement that exploring our imagination once brought us?

Vast cosmic planes, sprawling prehistoric forests teeming with life, deep and empowering spiritual patterns, panoramas of the Earth and much, much more lie in store.

Our mission is based around three things: adventure, creativity, and gratitude. Each tapestry is an iconic representation of our imagination hand designed by our in-house artistry team.

It's not just a decoration for your home, walls or bed cover - it's a representation of who you are and a showcase of your individual personality to those that enter your domains. 

It's your fantasy, the vivid imagery of your dreams. Brought to life into your own home. 

When you buy a tapestry from us you reinforce your sense of self and belonging in the places you call home. 

Show the world who you are.